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Vanessa Hudgens Nude

December 11th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Vanessa Hudgens

Fame is a dangerous situation to contend with. A rising star like Vanessa Hudgens has to cope with all the intrigues in show business. The actress of the popular hit, “The High School Musical” becomes an overnight sensation not because of the movies that she starred in, but due to a handful of nude photos of her on the internet. Reliable sources are quick to add that the images of the lead actress are authentic. It is indeed Vanessa Hudgens nude on those colored papers. The scantily-clad teenager is caught on camera with little for the imagination to reveal.

The pictures are apparently taken before the High School Musical came to life. It is reported that a former boyfriend of the star leaked out the photos to the media. A popular tabloid outfit gets the pictures in exchange for an unknown amount of cash. The identity of the person who handed the Vanessa Hudgens nude photographs hasn’t been revealed. A month before the shooting of the ‘High School Musical’ movie, representatives from the production studio have already been receiving some phone calls about Vanessa Hudgens nude images. Since the outfit is busy preparing the film to go into production, both agents and reps dismiss the calls as simply pranks. An insider has added that the caller requests a considerable sum of money in exchange for those pieces of information. Apparently, the studio never believed the claims about the photos. Since the caller requests to be anonymous, the studio paid less attention to it. ‘High School Musical’ goes into shooting and for a while the Vanessa Hudgens nude images have been totally forgotten. However, weeks after the splash hit of the movie, popular tabloids get shortages on the newsstands because of the demand from the public to get a copy of the Vanessa Hudgens nude photographs.

Representatives of the actress did not return calls immediately. It has been a week since a statement is issued with regard to the incident. In addition, the actress herself limits public exposures to evade the questions about her bare pictures. Reports say that studio executives are furious over the matter, as it can jeopardize the franchise’s wholesome image. When contacted, the studio declines to comment about the issue. A few projects have been sent out to the actress after the ‘High School Musical’ success. It is still unknown if these ventures will proceed to film productions.

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