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Taylor Lautner Sex Tape

November 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner should have been more careful when filming his sex tape. Discovered in late may on a public file sharing site the origin is still unknown. We haven’t seen a celebrity tape so weird and this is definitely one of the most unique sex tapes at leaked now. It starts off with him blowing a balloon and slowly growing erect, who knew Taylor Lautner had a balloon fetish? Odd, but it gets better, once the balloon is fully inflated he leans over to his partner and says “oh baby, blow me my pancake” and precedes to unbutton his pants with pancakes in hand. The rest of the sex is very vanilla and nothing unusual.

Twilight producers have no comment on this sex tape and it doesn’t seem like Lautner’s acting carrier will be affected. As with most celebrity sex tapes, exposure like this can be devastating for their carriers. Fortunately for Lautner he is in good standing as many people will never see this sex tape.

To those of you who see it, enjoy it while it lasts because if this gets any more exposure I recon it wouldn’t be long until lawyers step in and make it hard to find.

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