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Selena Gomez Naked

December 9th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Selena Gomez

The more suited name i.e. the Barbie doll of Hollywood; ‘Selena Gomez’ has always been into news for her acting and singing talent. Selena Gomez sparkled in the eyes of many for her character Alex in the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly place”, in which she played a wizard named Alex. The sexy and seductive star left the world however in shock when her naked video leaked in the web. Seeing Selena Gomez naked was a shock for her fans as well as a feast for all those men fancying her.

A video depicting some of the nude pictures of Selena Gomez made news all over the world. No one knows how the pictures were leaked and if they were real, but for sure they featured Selena Gomez naked.

However, some claim that some of the many naked pictures of this teen star circulating all over the net are real, while for some these pictures are unreal; but the beach video tape that featured Selena Gomez naked raised a storm in the industry. She went topless to get sun tanned by the side of a pool in Orlando, and what more to say? A Disney star, so popular needs not much attention to catch the eyes of the camera, and her topless beach video flooded the web world. Accidental yet very true, the video shocked the fans as well as this star.

Unintentionally though, the Disney famed super star stripped her bikini strips too much that she almost got topless. Ouch…though the girl cannot do much about the video tape that is spreading like a fire over the web, yet can be a little careful in the future.

This extremely charming celeb has been related to Justin Bieber; the “baby” famed singing star. However, more than their teen and immature love attraction, their almost naked portray unveiled by Artist Daniel Edwards, featuring the two covered up with bare leaves made news. Edwards publically portrayed this statue showing Selena Gomez naked with Justin Bieber naked as well. This statue showcases “Justin and Selena forever” scribbled at the base.

Being in news for being semi-naked, naked or topless does not end the list of leaked pictures and videos of Selena Gomez. Her alleged sex tape with boy friend Justin Bieber has gained more users second by second. Unknown to the reality how the video leaked over night, the two allegedly steam together and men get a chance to fancy Selena Gomez naked even more closely.

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