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Rihanna Nude

December 13th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Rihanna

For a lot of men, seeing Rihanna nude can just be the best thing that has ever happened in their lives. The recent leak of the R&B star’s nude video has been generating a lot of buzz, but she has been handling it maturely.

A lot of men fantasize about Rihanna, no doubt about it, and that is why when the Rihanna nude videos were leaked, there was a lot of Internet traffic as millions (probably even billions) of people all around the world wanted to take a glimpse of Rihanna nude. Rihanna definitely has a body to die for, but recently interviews have conducted about her and this video leak, how she feels about the person who spread the videos, and how she actually responds to them. The world will be surprised to know about how she actually dealt, and is still continually dealing, with the situation.

The Rihanna nude videos were indeed a hit all over the World Wide Web. Because of this, it has slowed down a lot of servers, and has also spun about a number of viruses that claim to be direct links to Rihanna’s videos, but are in fact, phishes. The fact of the matter still remains though that Rihanna is a hot topic right now, with trending topics of her nudity all over Twitter pages and Facebook walls. Rihanna, the rising star, is now becoming a rising attraction, and frankly, it really isn’t the good kind of attraction one would want to receive from her fans.

Rihanna is definitely one of the first to experience this kind of public humiliation. Imagine what her family or friends might think of her! A recent interview with Rihanna made the whole world realize a woman’s worth, and that those Rihanna nude videos did not as much hurt the sexy singer. According to her, “I am proud of my body. I mean, it was such a shocker that the videos were leaked when they were for personal purposes, but I understood that that kind of consequence was a possibility with the career path I choose for my life. I am facing it and dealing with it. I just want to say that what happened, happened; and when it comes to these things, there is nowhere else to go but up and move forward.”

Despite the rampant spread of the Rihanna nude videos, this has definitely not stopped the sexy singer from continuing to soar higher. Rihanna can definitely be an inspiration and example for other women who have been victims of this kind of happening. Especially when things get uncontrollable and out of hand, it is only right to keep your chin up and your head held up high.

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