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Rihanna Naked

December 10th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Rihanna

The beautiful gets bold and bolder. Yes, if you just found it buzzing through your favorite sites, you are getting the right information. The bold and the beautiful Rihanna goes nude and the leaked video online is gaining a lot of attention. No matter you found her extremely sensuous with bare seductive clothing, but it has come as a shocker to the fans all over the globe to find the pop star Rihanna naked.

However, amongst all the claims, for some, it seems to be a publicity stunt for the upcoming videos by this seductive black beauty, while some claim that the naked pictures of Rihanna in the form of a video have been deliberately made publically open by one of her ex boyfriends. However, all this come with no confirmation. Whatever the case may be, there has been a chaos to find Rihanna naked in a leaked video.

Many say that the rumors of Rihanna going naked are fake, but some say that the pictures showing the 22 year old Rihanna naked are very much real. Finally, this singing black beauty has gone nude to blow the minds of millions across the globe. Controversies seem to be following this young sensational pop Diva. Even before the rumors of her being bi sexual could have left her alone, a new nude scandal has surrounded this pop star.

No matter what the world says, the truth most likely seems to be that Chris Brown was the alleged culprit in exposing Rihanna naked in some pictures and a video to the world via the web. Various websites have been hit by this scintillating hot nude scandal, while Mr. Brown continues to deny his involvement. Stars and scandals are like bread and butter, but this one is surely considered to be a big digest for Rihanna.

However, some sites have turned down the nude scandal showing Rihanna naked. What would one say about the pictures directly coming from Esquire magazine? The 2011 sexiest woman alive named Rihanna. The picture shows Rihanna more than nude, covered with bare sand and some leaves. This shoot confirms the nude scandal and that the black beauty has stepped ahead and left behind many stars in terms of being bold, scintillating, sexy and seductive.

Semi naked Rihanna was the buzz in the earlier music video directed by Melina Matsoukas. However, the confirmation of Rihanna naked as one of the biggest nudity scandals has gained attention even more than Mr. Obama rising to the power as the first black President in White House.

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