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Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

December 3rd, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

Leakage about the sex video scandal of the most well-known celebrity Nicki Minaj is all over the internet. Her torrid sex video with her white boyfriend was allegedly taken secretly through the hidden camera. There had been rumors that this sex video scandal was videoed by her boyfriend himself. It is said that the explicit sex videos that circulate in the internet has been shot when she was younger and she was not yet a wacky rapper. Shown on the video are her nude pictures while having hot, rocking, and doing freaking sex like blow jobs, doggie style and more. She is wearing her signature hair black hair with bangs while performing in bed and doing the ahhs… and the oohhsss…

Nicki Minaj who is becoming an icon in the entertainment world has not yet confirmed nor denied that she was really the one who was on the video. Although it was not yet known who downloaded the sex video online, it is rumored that certain press has been allegedly trying to offer huge amount just to be able to post an excerpt about the Nicki Minaj sex tape. Purportedly, the video is said to be offered in the market for 100 thousand dollars.

Aside from this Nicki Minaj sex tape scandal, she has been also caught having a nasty sex with Lil Wayne who has been performing with her in her hit song “Knockout”. As rumor has it, her sex relationship with Lil Wayne has been also exposed just like this sex scandal that is currently circulating in the internet. Although the validity of whether she was really the one who was performing on those malicious video sex tapes has not yet been confirmed and if ever it was a real one, she is only one of the long list of celebrity victims whose sex videos have been leaked out on the internet.

Allegedly it is said that the timing of exposing this Nicki Minaj sex tape scandal is to make something to talk about her in the limelight because she has an upcoming new recording that will come out in the market. If this is the truth, what a lousy way of promoting one’s own album!

Surely Nicki Minaj doesn’t need to do this cheap crap which is exposing this so called Nicki Minaj sex tape because she is successfully making it in the entertainment world showing her own unique talent just like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and other hit performers. Just wait and see how this sex video will will affect her upcoming new album which will be release soon.

As to this sex video, if ever that this is true, Nicki Minaj has just to live with it. Whether she will confirm that validity of the sex video or not her fans who have loved her will surely continue on patronizing her albums. As long as she makes her fanatic followers satisfied and happy with her performances she will always stay in the limelight.

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