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Nicki Minaj Nude

December 11th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Nicki Minaj

Rumors are going around regarding an alleged Nicki Minaj nude video, for quite some time now, but nothing was taken really seriously initially. Though we all know that she has never been shy to bare it all for her music videos and songs but this has gone a bit too far with her nude, video clips surfacing on the net and the tube. Needless to say, it has been denied vehemently by the celeb herself. This video claims to be made much before the star shot to fame through her hit debut album and single- The pink Friday.

The Nicki Minaj nude pictures and videos were basically leaked by a gossip site, namely mediatakeout.com, and had a controversial shots and clips of the star in …well let’s just say… In many compromising situations. These pictures are greatly suggestive and feature an Afro American woman with striking resemblance with the star herself. The pictures do show the lady lying topless and looking fascinatingly similar to the ‘Young Money’ singer. Amber rose, famously known as video vixen claims the fact that these pictures were first sent to the Nicki’s boy friend after which it were leaked to the world. These graphic nude pictures were meant for personal viewing and nothing more. Needless to say these, Nicki Minaj nude photographs has kicked up a great deal of furor and gossips all across the entertainment industry.

Though Nicki herself has hit back rather ferociously through her tweets, denying that the lady in the pictures, is actually her which seems a bit lame effort because her hitherto screen image says something else about her entirely. This 26 year old star is known to have racy videos, with nothing left for imagination costumes. Mediatakeout.com, allegedly the site which leaked the Nicki Minaj nude video, claims to sell these graphic nude photographs and the tape in exorbitant and ridiculous prices, $100,000! If the investigations do prove the fact, (despite the constant denials by the star herself), that it’s her in those raunchy pics, it would add her name in list of celebs that have leaked sex tapes or videos earlier.

Nicki Minaj nude pictures hit the net just after similar controversial photographs of, celebs like Kanye West and Rihana got public a few weeks back, creating a huge furor among fans and gossips sites and shows. The pictures were splashed all across the tabloids and TV screens for entertainment columns, and Nicki Minaj is the latest prey which fell victims to the praying clutches of Paparazzi and gossip sites.

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