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Nicki Minaj Naked

November 29th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj naked

It seems that fans who have been wanting to see more of Nicki Minaj have finally gotten their chance thanks to a leaked YouTube video of the singing sensation posing naked on a bed filled with colorful pillows in what appears to be high class hotel suite.

While the location of the hotel seems to remain tightly under wraps the same cannot be said for Miss Minaj who is shown wearing little more than an inviting smile and a couple of strategically placed pillows.

While parts of the video are somewhat grainy there is plenty of clear footage to get a clear view of all of miss Minaj’s attributes, people looking to see Nicki Minaj naked are in luck.

As most of you know Miss Minaj is a Trindad born American singer who has taken the world by storm with several top hits and is due to receive Billboard’s rising star award on December 2, 2011. Since the release of her popular album “Pink Friday” in November 2010 Minaj has made quite a name for herself.  Not only does she have a hit album to her name but, she has broken several records in the music industry, has a string of hit singles to her credit and has toured with some of the biggest names in pop music.

Just when fans felt they couldn’t get enough of this hip hop star, they were surprised and delighted when news of this leaked video hit the web.  Now searches on the internet for this singer have broken records as fans from all over the globe are looking to join the ranks of millions of  people looking to view this latest video.  Some are merely curious, others are fans who want to see the rising musical star up close and personal.  Whatever the reason, there is little doubt that this newly released video is creating quite a buzz for fans and non fans alike.

In a world where leaked videos of stars in compromising situations and less than adequate attire is becoming common place and rather mundane one would not have expected such a response to yet another celebrity video of this kind.  Perhaps, it is the look of pure innocence on the face of this particular celebrity that has gained such widespread interest of the viewing public.  Perhaps, it is simply the voyeur in all of us that enjoys seeing celebrities in their most unguarded moments, or perhaps it simply because Nicki Minaj has risen to fame so quickly.

Whatever, the reason, such videos as this will probably only increase Miss Minaj’s popularity and fuel the public expectations when she next steps on stage.  It also causes many of us to pause and ask the age old question, just how much should be revealed about our favourite celebrities?  Do we really want them to bare all for public inspection?  It seems that in this case the answer is a resounding yes!

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