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Nicki Minaj Booty

December 13th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Nicki Minaj

There is a new talk in town and it’s Nicki Minaj’s booty. The hot booty of the rising actress has been photographed being grabbed by rapper Lil Wayne.

The news is more than just another wardrobe malfunction. The video named Nicki Minaj booty is all over the place. During a show at the Grammy’s with Rihanna and Sean Combs last week, the star-studded Music Awards was having a grand time watching the heaven-sent booty of the young singer. What really made the entire media entourage excited is the way the newly-styled young artist handled herself. A backstage scene soon leaked out which sees the ever enticing Nicki Minaj booty being touched by no less than Lil Wayne. Although a lot of people working behind the show sense something that is more than what the two stars are actually doing, only one insider from the Hollywood’s top TV production company gets a glimpse of a real booty show.

Various pictures and videos about Nicki Minaj booty have been leaked out on various magazines and television programs all over the country. However, the one recorded act that will likely make a difference is the image of the singer being squared off by Lil Wayne’s huge palms while doing the doggy dance. With nothing but a stocking on, people are pretty sure that Lil Wayne is having a great time feeling the fresh booty of the singer. Although the act may be considered as a common occurrence in every corner of Los Angeles and New York, it cannot be denied that something indeed happened after the show. A number of reporters have sighted the two artists on the way out and into a waiting limousine with three of the rapper’s fingers halfway inside the booty stocking of the young singer. No kissing scenes have been reported and none from the media has seen the two make it out in the backstage. However, a number of observers indicate that both have sweated enough to find a place where Lil Wayne can grab Nicki Minaj booty and pick up the pace from there.

A couple of cars from the television network which initially showed the video on celebrity news have tried to follow the two singers. Due to the traffic at downtown LA, the limousine manages to find an exit. With the area being a popular site for classy hotels and motels, it is assumed that somewhere in the metropolis, the two are making it out as instigated by the hot and tempting Nicki Minaj booty. With a week full of bootylicious photos of the singer being glued to the huge palms of rapper Lil Wayne, tabloid and TV reporters are finding the next scoop which can be a leak about the two stars in full body heat.

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