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Miley Cyrus Nude

December 8th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Miley Cyrus

It just seems like yesterday that the Miley Cyrus photo scandals hit the news showing pics of this Hannah Montana star in a less than wholesome light, but, those photos are pale in comparison to the new YouTube video that just went viral featuring the lovely Miley Cyrus in all her natural beauty.

To be fair to this nineteen year teen star, this video does not seem to be one of Miley’s notorious bids for attention but rather a video taken from afar as the young singer and actress showered and got ready for night out with friends. While it is true that the 19 year old left all her drapes open in the hotel room where the video was shot it is clear that the young star had no idea that anyone was watching let alone making a Miley Cyrus nude video of her while she undressed, and pranced around the hotel room before heading for even more steamy scenes of her in the shower.

Miley famous celeb dad Billy Ray Cyrus was furious to learn about this video and vowed he would find the scum responsible for taking this video and making his daughters very private moments extremely public. The video of Miley Cyrus nude has since been removed from YouTube at the request of Miley and her family but, not before millions of Miley fans got a whole new look at that favorite star. And rumor has it there are still copies of it circulating around the web.

This isn’t the last anyone will probably see of this teenager who just a few weeks ago celebrated her 19th birthday and labeled herself a stoner. It seems the lovely Miley has a knack for attracting the wrong kind of attention and while much of it seems to be orchestrated by the young lady herself this does not seem to be the case with latest Miley Cyrus nude video.

However, one can’t help but question the decision making abilities of a public figure who parades around in her birthday suit in front of open windows in a well known hotel. A hotel we might add that does plenty of business and is not just a hang out for well known celebrities. Perhaps, this will be a reminder to the young lady that there are those just waiting to take advantage of any opportunities of catching stars in less than flattering light.

In the meantime this Miley Cyrus nude video will quickly be forgotten as more scandals hit the Internet until then the young lady will just have to ride out the storm.

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