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Miley Cyrus Naked

December 8th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Miley Cyrus

What more could have Miley Cyrus expected after having lost her purse and its contents in a theft than having a nude picture of herself being leaked online! The online circuits have reportedly been hit by a leaked Miley Cyrus naked image that was perhaps contained in the mobile that the teen star lost in the recent theft. The image that doesn’t reveal the face of the girl shows her standing in a doorway with nothing, but an unbuttoned shirt on, and clicking an image of herself in the mirror. The internet circuits have been choked with arguments about the image being a real Miley Cyrus naked image or a false one, but there is a long list of points that bring the arguments to settling note that stands against the teen artist.

The shirt seen in the image was seen worn by the star in her recent trip to Madrid for the MTV Europe Music Awards. The mobile phone has been recognized as hers along with the location, which was the room of the Westin Palace Hotel, where she stayed during her trip. Though it can be denied on the basis of the fact that the face is not visible in the image, these various other factors lead us to believe that this Miley Cyrus naked image was clicked by the starlet herself during her stay at the hotel in Madrid.

However, another argument brings to light the fact that the artist has a tattoo beneath her left breast, which is missing in this Miley Cyrus naked image. This can be an argument that could bring respite to the fans of the teen star, but still the photo leak is being regarded as a jolt to her image. The teen star who started her career with a Disney show ‘Hanna Montana’ has always been an ideal for her young fans, and the revelation of such an irresponsible act on the part of the star could shake her fan base.

There have been no comments received from Miley herself on this incident, but reports have been flowing in about her people taking strict action against the person who has led to the image being leaked in the internet circles. There have been instances earlier, where many celebrities and stars have been a subject to such incidents, but the Miley Cyrus naked image leak instance is set apart from them, as the star has a different portion of the viewership cake reserved for herself, which can be dangerously harmed by such an incident entering her profile.

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