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Megan Fox Naked

December 9th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Megan Fox

It is a delightful experience for our famous celebrities to create a public image owing to their physical attributes, but this can prove hazardous, if their private lives are affected. Similar has been the case with Megan Fox, the sexy Hollywood starlet whose privacy has been repeatedly breached by her unlikely admirers through Megan Fox naked videos and photos.

Megan has been one of the most commonly targeted actors for their bare clicks or videos. The latest instance is about a Megan Fox naked video that was made during the shooting of her latest movie ‘Passion Play’ in which she plays the role of a circus artist with bird wings. The leaked images in the video show her topless and the blurry quality of the images reveal that those might have been taken from a cell phone.

As far as Megan’s reactions are concerned, she has condemned the incident and said in an interview to the Allure magazine, that she would like to physically harm the person behind these images, if she knew who it was. She has taken this instance as a hurting blow to her image among her followers. The magazine also quotes her furious comments- “I’m not a f—ing reality-TV star that’s courting the paparazzi and wants my f—ing picture taken all the time. I’m at my job and I’m trying to play a character and I’m trying to be serious, and this is the sh– that’s happening to me. It makes me furious.”

Such Megan Fox naked videos and photos have already been a part of the list of circulating clips on the Internet. The artist has been among the top rated stars in the category of those whose bare all images get the highest views on the internet. The recent incidents, in which fake or illegal nude images of stars have been released on the Internet without their permission, have proved to be a bolt to their public images. Instances like this Megan Fox naked video leak are considered a crime by law and many stars have sought legal action against the ones found guilty.

Even a previous instance of Megan Fox naked photos leaked saw the artist launching a legal action against the acquaintance, who was alleged to have leaked images from her movie ‘Jennifer’s Body’. Meanwhile, comments from the artist have been received about the video, but there has been no news yet about any legal action being sought against the person behind this act.

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