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Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape

December 13th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan’s sex tape┬áhas truly created another blast of fresh controversies and gossips about the troubled young crooner. This 23 year old celebrity has braved through a lot many controversies and gossip storms and this one seems to be another one brewing just over her head. The star is already juggling a failing career and prison rounds and list of controversial photos which are splashed all across the net and on newspaper tabloids. The Mean Girls star has been constantly in news for all the wrong reasons, be it her drunken driving or homo sexual forays, she is always shuttling between court hearings and rehabs. The controversial leakage of Lindsay Lohan sex tapes adds another dubious feather in this celebs infamous career span.

This graphic footage spanning nearly forty seven seconds, in which we clearly spot the star strutting, naked, around a male partner, in her splashy LA apartment. What is really, ironic about the entire episode is the fact that Lindsay Lohan was touted the next big thing in Hollywood after her great talent based performance in her initial movies, which propelled her to the Hollywood A- list. According to daily mirror which also featured some of the raunchy pics , claimed the man around her in the video and the photos is just a regular waiter, frequently seen in restaurant circuit. This shows the ultimate fall of a potential star to a really low and tacky level. What is more unfortunate, is the fact that in the beginning of the year, the young star tweeted for her fans to make a real comeback and make a fresh start, trying to concentrate on her career, or whatever is left of it and pull herself together, but alas, the famous Lindsay Lohan sex tape have busted all the tall claims. The star even made a creative documentary along with BBC on child poverty and human trafficking in Asian and African nations.

The Lindsay Lohan sex tape, not only makes it a ghastly mockery of the dedication and sincerity towards her career but also questions her sense of conduct as she is clearly recorded in specific sexual acts which, really is extremely and untactful. The sources said to the Mirror that the leaked videos were so graphic and clear that, when released over the net or on the social tabloids, there is absolutely nothing that Lindsay or her lawyer can do about it!

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