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Lindsay Lohan Nude

December 13th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan nude photos will be published in Playboy. The actress has reportedly shot nude for the fashion magazine for a hefty fee.

There has been lot of publicity recently about Lindsay Lohan nude photos. The celebrated actress cum pop singer will be posing nude! Well, it is more or less true that the celebrity actress agreed to pose nude for a male fashion magazine. The celebrated pop diva and actress has been on the headlines of newspapers for quite a bit of time due to her reckless lifestyle and behavioral issues, and this news is sure to add more fuel to her controversial nature. Well, her publicist refused to comment on the news about Lindsay Lohan nude and neither confirmed nor denied whether the teenage star has agreed to shed her clothes in return for a hefty fee for the fashion magazine.

As per the reports go regarding Lindsay Lohan nude shoot, the actress decided to pose nude in a video for Playboy Magazine in return for an enormous fee of around one million US dollars. However, there have not been confirmed reports whether she has already done it, or will be doing it in some days to come. It has also been reported that there was some kind of problem in the contract and Lindsay apparently did not wish to pose nude. As per the reports of Playboy, they have been quite disappointed and have even extended the period of the video shoot. The magazine was hopeful that everything will fall in place and the actress finally agreed to pose for the video.

As per the reports go about Lindsay Lohan nude shoot, the actress has been offered another week time to complete her nude photo shoot for Playboy. After she completes the shoot, she has to serve the month long sentence for the violation of the probation due to the lawful suits against her. The extra days of shooting are necessary as Playboy was not very satisfied with the pictures that were shot of the actress in the previous photo shoot. As per the latest reports, the magazine wants to retake the photos from scratch and may even offer Lindsay more money for the extended shoot period.

If the whole Lindsay Lohan nude shoot turns out well, it will benefit both parties. Playboy will no doubt add to its sales and increase its coffers, while Lindsay will get more attention to her already much talked about reckless ways. Meanwhile fans all across the world are waiting eagerly to see their actress shed her clothes for Playboy. Once the edition is published it is expected that the stands and counters will be empty within hours.

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