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Lady Gaga Nude

December 13th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta might need a formal introduction. However, the name that got her fame; ‘Lady Gaga’, needs no formal introduction. The woman to her credit other than being a singer is an exceptional song writer as well. This American beauty has flattered the hearts of her fans for over years due to her unmatched singing and song writing talent and she has dazzled the world with some famous hits like ‘The fame’, ‘Just dance’ and many more. However, this time a leaked video featuring Lady Gaga nude has gained attention rather than her talent.

She has always been sensuous, seductive and sexy but this time a leaked video promises to feature Lady Gaga nude in a bathtub. This video was supposedly to be a sequence of her album that would have taken the world by a shock. However, the leaked video over the web have already started gaining attention and making news before the actual release. The lady was in a mood to get horny and it revealed to the world before she actually wanted it to.

The alarmingly steamy hot Lady Gaga has gone naked in her video. The video named ‘Mary the Night’, features Lady Gaga nude in her bathtub and it goes even much beyond one’s imagination when she takes the phone calls going topless in the video. Unbelievable to many, yet true, the video has been leaked over the web and have confirmed the rumors that were finding place within the media and fans of this bold and beautiful woman.

Her response to Lady Gaga nude was that the video features her as naked and showcases the, “worst day of her life” I quote. Not for the first time and yet not for the last time, nudity has been linked to this star. She flaunts the body she possesses and she proved it right by going nude for a portrait by Tony Bennett.

Yes! If you read me right, Tony Bennett witnessed Lady Gaga nude and the portrait turned out to be a seductive and scintillating one. The video of the portrait earned fame overnight. However, men across the world got many chances of fancying Lady Gaga, but no one knows how Tony took a hold over his hormones and the portrait turned out to be a masterpiece. All we know is that he was thrilled and amused to see what the actual portrait turned out to be at the end and thought that Gaga is one of the most creative people (and of course bold) of the age group she belongs to.

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