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Kim Kardashian Sex Tapes

December 13th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a well known American actress as well as model and also a well established business woman. She has been in the news many times for her splendid performances in movies like ‘deep in the valley’ and a couple more to her credit. However, more than her acting and modeling career, her love life fetched limelight for her. Her link up’s with stars like Ray J, Damon Thomas, Reggie Bush and some more brought the major twists and turns in her life. However, Kim Kardashian sex tape with her boyfriend ‘Ray J’ (ex boyfriend now), drew massive attention to this reality television queen.

Kim Kardashian sex tape with R&B singer Ray J leaked into the web world and raised a storm of endless controversies in her already controversial life. The sex video tape turned out to be a homemade video sex tape that she shot with her boyfriend Ray J. This Kim Kardashian sex tape was originally shot by the couple in 2007. However, vivid entertainment released the home shot sex tape worldwide on 21st February, for which Kardashian sued them.

To believe the actual reports, vivid entertainment purchased the rights of this sex video tape for $1 million and had to settle the whole scandal with Kim for $5million in lieu of which she dropped and drew back her law suit. Relationships, sex, scandals and sex scandals have always been the bread and butter for this controversial star. Her marriage with the music producer Damon Thomas ended due to her love interest in R&B singer Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape with the same man left the woman startled, facing the heat, yet leaving her wealthy in the end.

Her divorce after her 72 days of marriage with Humphries is also rumored to have happened due to a nude yoga class scandal with a nude male instructor. If Humphries were to be believed the woman used him for TRP for her reality TV show with her sister. However, the truth remains between the two. Controversies are considered to be the actual maker of this star into a superstar. The Kim Kardashian sex tape was also released by vivid entertainment as Kim Kardashian: superstar.

More than any other controversy during a lifetime, the Kim Kardashian sex tape that was leaked worldwide (though launched according to vivid entertainment) brought in a huge amount of traffic to the website and it was a smash and a scintillating hit globally. After all, men across the world got a glimpse of how hot this horny and seductive girl can go.

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