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Kim Kardashian Nude

December 11th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Kim Kardashian

Not being a part of the news and the page three segments is something our much loved and sought artists just cannot do without, and in case of many celebrities, it is not just about following the news; at times, the news starts following them! What else can be said about the latest Kim Kardashian nude photo leak scandal? The recent set of reports have revealed that as many as 19 images from the nude playboy photo shoot, that the starlet did way back in 2007, have been circulating on the internet circuits. The image leak has supposedly been greeted by the star with awe and shock. She is upset about the incident and has said that she hadn’t expected the images to resurface after such a long time. She had reportedly vowed to never bare it all after this particular photo shoot.

This, however, is not the first Kim Kardashian nude photo scandal, as only a few months ago, a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J was leaked online. This was just after the star tied the nuptial knot with the tennis star, Kris Humphries, and as expected, the leaked video got as much viewership as did her marriage images and related news reports. The matter was later settled by a financial agreement between the company concerned and Kardashian, but what happens with the present photo leak is still not known. The reality TV star came into a broader light with her show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, but the regular appearance of such Kim Kardashian nude photos and videos are also keeping up with her public image in a particular way. They have proved to be a ‘ghost of the Christmas past’ for the star, which made her feel embarrassed then (as she put it) and is doing the same now as well!

The leaked Kim Kardashian nude photos are part of the 2007 photo shoot that she said made her feel uncomfortable and sorry. Quite contrary to her comments, 2009 again saw her posing unclothed for W magazine. The difference was that this time she had paint applied to her entire body, but the images were still revealing and what is bare can be called nothing but ‘bare’! It is tough to comment about what is acceptable to the starlet and what upsets her in the light of these shifting positions and incidents regarding the Kim Kardashian nude photos and video leaks.

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