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Katy Perry Nude

December 11th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Katy Perry

Katy Perry nude video has rolled out earlier this week. The film can be the supporting factor which will perhaps verify the accuracy of her primary naked pictures.

First, the pictures of a naked Katy Perry have splashed on the tabloids of every major media company in the United States. Many people think that the scandal will be the first and the last for the popular singer. However, just a couple of months after, a roll of Katy Perry nude video is again making headlines. This time, a group of reporters from three television networks who have a night out together suddenly realize that their room stood in front of the songwriter’s rented apartment in downtown Los Angeles. With a clear and open window inviting the cameras for close look of the artist beautiful and curvaceous body, Katy Perry is finally shackled on film while on a bathtub.

What makes the Katy Perry nude video interesting is the idea behind the singer’s careless behavior after a pornographic scandal rocked the music world just recently. If television sets are everywhere, so are the people who feed the appliances with fresh news and information. The irony of it all is that the very same reporters who earlier fed the public with the naked images of the songwriter are the ones who get the new video leak rolling.

After a night of celebration, the reporters begin preparing to head off to their television networks early the following morning. With the sun glowing brightly, it cannot be denied that a beautiful shape in a bathtub resembles a famous singer. With the camera rolling, the media finds out that Katy Perry is just a stone throw away. She is indeed relaxing from a distance. It is further reported that the fresh morning air may have something to do with the open glass window. No man can miss someone on a tub especially on a quiet and bright morning. It still surprises the media practitioners who saw Katy Perry nude from a distance that the circumstance turns out to be another hot scoop for the month.

The fifteen minute video of Katy Perry nude through the camera lens has already been sent to three of America’s leading television stations. Although limited copies are still shown on the tube, it will be just a matter of time before the web gets its superhighway wired with the singer’s amazing and sexy body figure. The video contains sequences with the singer singing while rubbing her hair. The Katy Perry nude short film can be the confirmation needed by the singer’s first naked photos to affirm its authenticity.

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