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Katy Perry Naked

December 9th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been a popular and hot topic in print and on the web. Just a week before she attends the Grammy’s with husband Russell Brand, the Katy Perry naked issue promptly hits the headlines. The singing agency, which is representing the upcoming singer, has reported that for weeks now, there have been inquiries about the young songwriter’s attendance at the Music Awards. Persistent calls about the songwriter’s presence finally got the better of the agency representatives and they positively replied that the singer would be there. A few days later, the Katy Perry naked photos become the immediate talk of the town. Calls from various newspapers, magazines and television networks haven’t been returned. The inquiries continued and persisted for weeks before a statement was issued by the Music Awards’ public relations officer. It said that the pictures were definitely untrue and any similarities to the songwriter’s image were completely a method of destroying Katy Perry’s character and personality.

The Katy Perry naked pictures have landed primarily on the desk of the singer’s managing firm. It is still unclear, who among the agency personnel is to be blamed for the photo leak. Internal investigations show that after the pictures were placed on the desk, the office was closed because of the weekend. The possibility of the images being stolen is being assessed. However, the singer’s firm management still suspects that an insider sold the photographs to a leading media company. Tabloids claim that a substantial amount was given to the person who handed the Katy Perry naked images.

A representative of Katy Perry says that the images circulated by different media outfits have totally offended the singer. The photographs portray her as a pornographic symbol with all those sexual acts being bared to the hilt. However, Russell Brand is quick to say in defence of his wife that all these images are just out there to destroy their union together. Perry and Brand are married happily as shown on most television networks and it is likely that some individuals out there are pumped up to destroy their union.

The couple have been sighted cuddling and holding hands on many occasions. According to some showbiz observers, it can be a case of jealousy from somebody in the industry, since the singer is enjoying the best of both worlds nowadays. The Katy Perry naked pictures have probably failed to instigate some damages on the relationship of Perry and Brand, since the couple seemed to be totally sweet when they walked along the red carpet during the Grammy’s just this week.

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