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Emma Watson Nude

December 11th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Emma Watson

It was certainly a delightful experience for Emma Watson to get famous as the accomplice of the much loved child wizard, Harry Potter, but now with the end of the movie series having been announced, the child star is getting famous for her leaked Emma Watson nude photos scandal. The news has it that she has emerged as the latest victim to the nude photo leaks scandal that has been disturbing many other artists in the recent times. The images (19 in all) feature Emma in various nude poses, which have been recognized by her representatives as ‘faked up’. It is being argued that Emma’s head (from another image) has been fixed on top of the nude image of another teen, as there is a disproportion between the head and the body. It is also asserted that the angle at which the head is shown to turn in the image is impossible to be real, but there are many other counterviews which assert on various grounds that the artist herself is the girl in the leaked Emma Watson nude photographs.

However, a legal action has been sought against the British man, John Cavanagh (39) who was convicted to be behind the Emma Watson nude photo leak scandal. He has accepted that he had pasted the head of the star on the body of an underage girl and leaked the fake photographs online. The proof of this act has been found on his computer in the form of the images of the star and those of the minor girl on whose body the star’s head was pasted. The hearings for the case are being conducted in Manchester Crown Court under the supervision of Judge Anthony Hammond.

The leaked Emma Watson nude photographs scandal and many others that involve famous artists, especially the child stars, raise questions in the minds of the parents whose children follow the example of their favorite artists and aspire to grow and be like them. It is reported that Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have been victims to such unlikely incidents in the past, which might have been proven faked up later, but indeed have brought harm to the image that they carry among the crowds and their fans. The acquittal of the man behind the act in the leaked Emma Watson nude photos case is an example set before many who indulge in such cyber crimes to pollute the images of these young stars thanks to the internet environment.

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