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Anne Hathaway Nude

December 11th, 2011 | Posted by Mark in Anne Hathaway

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway rose to stardom for her renowned character of Mia in ‘the princess diaries’. The road to fame did not stop with a single appearance that left its imprints on her viewers and fans, but her even more popular role in ‘Alice in wonderland’, valentine’s days and much more to her credit, rose her to the heights of stardom. The beauty, talent and the boldness of this artistic American actress has been her USP for years. However, the leaked video featuring Anne Hathaway nude flooded many websites a fortnight and this happens quite frequently.

The news spread all over the world in a flash of a second and the video featuring Anne Hathaway nude circulated over the web world freely. She has been in news for such bold scenes in the past for one of her dramatic films ‘Havoc’. Alike every time her nude video gained more attention than ever before, due to the fact that she is accounted in some of the top rated celebs of Hollywood now. The video was leaked before the actual launch of the movie, and gave a pleasant shock to all her fans worldwide.

The Anne Hathaway nude scene in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ is considered to be very similar to the one in ‘Havoc’. The talented actress has always been the apple of the eye of viewers for her natural acting talent as well as her hot scenes that are a bread and butter and her USP in every movie. For those who want to hear it from the actress about her another leaked nude scene for the movie ‘One Day’, here is what she said, I quote; “I was more nervous about the accent than nudity. I mean, you can do sit-ups as prep for the nudity. But there aren’t a lot of vocal sit-ups that you can do. Maybe it’s because I have more experience in my life being naked than pretending to be British. So I got more comfortable quickly with the nudity than I did with the accent”.

All the movies featuring Anne Hathaway nude have redefined boldness in Hollywood with grace, however, her leaked videos before the actual release gain much more attention than the movies. However, this bold charmer of Hollywood was also in the news for some of her leaked nude pictures that were circulating over the web. Those pictures were seized by the FBI, following the almost certain arrest of her ex-boyfriend Raffaelo Follieri, who is supposed to be the culprit behind the complete scandal.

To conclude, Anne Hathaway nude videos and pictures leaked over the web create news equally like her talented performances in most of her blockbuster hits.

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